An Exciting Educational Journey for Children



We take pride in providing exceptional services that meet the needs and aspirations of your children. At "Growing Together" Nursery, we welcome children from the age of months to 5 years old. Our diverse and efficient team includes experienced foreign teachers and qualified caregivers who offer dedicated attention and care with love. 

Advanced Educational Programs:

 We offer advanced educational programs based on two distinguished curricula – the Kuwaiti and British approved curricula. This approach caters to the individual needs of children and comprehensively enhances their skills. 

Caring and Nurturing:

Each child receives special attention and care, ensuring that their individual needs are met at every stage of development.

Language Development: 

Thanks to our trilingual environment, children naturally and effectively learn Arabic, English, and French, enhancing their language proficiency.

Social and Cultural Activities:

We organize social and cultural activities to encourage communication among children, fostering cooperation and respect.

Modern Learning Techniques:

We provide innovative and modern teaching aids to stimulate children's curiosity and enhance their educational experience. We believe that joyful and flexible learning is one of the best approaches.

Ongoing Parent Communication:

We value the importance of regular communication with parents and provide platforms for continuous updates on their children's progress and achievements at the nursery. 

Join us at "Growing Together" Nursery to offer your children an excellent educational experience and superior care. 

We are here to assist them in building strong educational foundations and growing to their fullest potential.